Summer is not the most productive time of the year, and yet there is always something going on! From weddings to festivals, movie nights and BBQs, organization becomes the key for getting the most out of your day. We’ve put together some productivity tools which, coincidentally, are also great for quick sketches.  

Word. Notebooks
Word. pocket notebooks are both stylish and functional, and were created to handle all of the lists you produce on a daily basis. The standardized system featured on the inside of the notebook is intended to help keep you organized.

rOtring Tikky

This fineliner is design to provide constant and consistent line quality. The pigmented ink is both lightfast and water-resistant, and the metal encased nib makes it perfect for using with rulers and stencils.

Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Dual brush pens are ideal for both artists and crafters. The brush tip works like a paintbrush and allows for a variety of stroke widths, while the fine tip offers a more consistent line. These markers come in 96 shades, including a colorless blending pen.

Stabilo Boss Highlighter

To say this highlighter is a classic is an understatement; it’s been around since 1971! The water based ink means you can keep the cap off for a significant amount of time without it drying out, while the unique body shape prevents it from rolling away.

Muji Gel Pen

Muji pens have are known for their smooth lines and consistent flow, making them the perfect addition to your everyday carry kit.