April - June

We want to encourage you to turn your dreams into goals. Write them down, cross them out, change them, let them evolve. Use the supplies here with reckless abandon!


Kuru Toga Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil
Every once in awhile a product comes along and rocks your world. Prepare yourself. The Kuru Toga employs a spring loaded crutch that twists the lead incrementally every time you lift your pencil off of the page. Why does this matter? Because it creates uniform wear and produces a fine and consistent line. Plus, it results in less lead breakage. And there’s something so incredibly satisfying about watching that rotating mechanism as you’re working.

Kuru Toga Lead
This lead is composed of a soft outer layer that surrounds a hard inner core, and is therefore easier to sharpen, making it perfect for the Kuru Toga mechanical pencil.

Boxy Eraser
Not only does the Boxy erase well, but it’s shavings are designed to stick together for easy clean up, making it perfect for everyday use.

Paperways Compat Notebooks
Compat notebooks combine practical use and chic style, so whether you’re planning your day or planning world domination you’ll be covered. These notebooks are made from recycled paper and use soy ink.    

Paperways Glumemo
These mini sticky notes are perfect for taking your ideas with you.

We could all use a little help drawing a straight line, and this ruler doubles as a bookmark!